Atlantic Mediæval Association


The Atlantic Mediæval Association

The Atlantic Mediæval Association is a small but vibrant community dedicated to fostering scholarly conversations and connections amongst mediævalists living and working in the North Atlantic region, particularly Atlantic Canada and New England. The annual Atlantic Mediæval Association conference encourages proposals in any relevant discipline, including history, theology, philosophy, literature in all vernacular languages and Latin, and the reception and use of the Middle Ages in later cultures.

AMA conference 2019 - De qua Patria and Other Useful Phrases to Survive as a Ninth-Century Knight Errant. AMA conference 2017 featured Salzinnes Saints - Plainchant from the Salzinnes Antiphonal by Psallentes Ensemble, directed by Hendrik Vanden Abeele. AMA conference 2017 - Hugo Riemann, Johannes Wolf. AMA conference 2019 - Our members study McGill, Medieval Manuscript 73. AMA conference 2018 - Samuel Gessner from The Center for the History of Science and Technology at the University of Lisbon, Portugal introduces A Hands-on History of the Astrolabe. AMA conference 2019 - The Queen Elizabeth II Library general rare books collection at at MUN contains over 12,000 items and many rare printed materials, manuscript and archival material. AMA conference 2019 - Sunday plenury with Cynthia Neville. AMA conference 2019 - Exiles. AMA conference 2018 - Building an Astrolabe. AMA conference 2019 - Saturday plenury with Richard C. Hoffmann. AMA conference 2019 - Discussion and debate at the MUN Library rare books, manuscript, and incunabula workshop. AMA conference 2017 - Salzinnes Antiphonal frontispiece. AMA conference 2018 - Sample assembled Astrolabe. AMA conference 2018 - A Hands-on History of the Astrolabe with Samuel Gessner.

Manuscript image: Salzinnes Antiphonal, St. Mary's University, Halifax